A Walking Tourist Attraction

Just as there are only so many food groups, there are only so many ways we will spend a vacation. We see it all as a way to learn but boy do we have fun.

Yesterday we visited down town Shanghai via the subway. Subways in Shanghai are the most wonder in the world, we think. They are fast, safe and extremely clean. No grafitti is written on the walls and workers in blue pajama like clothes follow people about sweeping up after them.

While we love to shop and did so the day before, yesterday we visited the “Urban Planning Museum” where the Chinese government had recreated the entire city in one room. When you are in the largest city in the world, you never know quite where you are. Taxi’s take you to places you do not want to go and a short walk can turn into a very long one when the road goes in circles. So the museum helps you to know where you are. Many people visit it every year.

Afterwards we found a restaurant on the sixth floor of a building nearby and had lunch. This stop is very popular with the Chinese people. They have tea, hot pot lunches made with loads of garlic, squid, chicken and dried or fried ginger. The ever present dumplings appear everywhere as do noodles.

Cards appeared at the tables and people stayed and played. We could only guess that an extra pot of tea bought you the rights to that table for an extended period of time.

As an added note, the cost for such a meal would run about18-30 rmb including your drink. Divide that by 7.77 and you will have the cost in US dollars. We love to eat out. Cooking at home does not seem worth it.

Our return to the subway took us to the Pedestrian Mall, a huge walking plaza where we strolled with thousands of Chinese families enjoying their holiday. I might add that Andy walked with Maddies on his shoulder and we became a walking tourist attraction as the Chinese stared at her and pointed. She likes being on her dad’s shoulder because people want to touch her hair or have a picture taken with herand they can’t reach her up that high. She is only three and she knows what she likes.


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