Maddie, her cousins, brothers have gone global!!

When I began this blogging, I was a little scared of revealing to much about myself and my family. I figured that the web being what is it, it would be the better part of discretion to be careful. Then Maddie went global. Maddie is the youngest of our eight grandchildren and a delight to all of us. We have loved watching her grow up in the global community. She had been held by men in turbans and played on the shore of the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia. She has hidden in a bathroom with her mom and dad while terrorists attacked the compound she lived in. She has ridden on her fathers shoulders or in a stroller through Singapore, Bangkok, Paris, Tuscany, Shanghai and been in India, Germany, Great Britain, Spain and the list goes on and on. Her passport is like a bound travelogue. She will be a different person than our other seven grandchildren because of her life experience.

And then there are the other seven grandchildren, each unique in their own way. Theirs is an American story including school, ball games, the 4th of July with fireworks on the front sidewalk. Hot dogs, pizza and hamburgers are their favorite food. They live a charmed life with loving parents; a life that a huge percentage of the world’s population would love to have.

One grandson, Ethan, loves his computer and to race bicycles at breakneck speeds around the velodrome and in road races. He is artistic, poetic and tough. His sister Elena is a Tai Kwondo enthusiast, loves baseball, and playing the piano. She loves to draw and is always up for an art project. Her focus is wonderful and she love a list of tasks completed with everything crossed out. Another grandson, Connor, plays the trumpet and is so dedicated to his school work. He has owned a car since he was 12 and has saved money to restore it inside and out since the day his step dad gave it to him. He even convinced the Levi company go give him denim to cover the seats with. His little brother, Sammy, is just a great, great little boy. He is only seven but he has taught us a lot already. We love his sense of humor and his way of putting an ‘a’ on the end of every word. My son Larry married this last year and brought us three beautiful, feisty granddaughters between the ages of 11 and 15. Alexis, Kyanna and Alisia embraced us just as willingly as we did them. I think that is so remarkable. They give us great joy.

So I will say it now, all of my grandchildren have gone global. If you are a grandparent, a parent, a traveler, or just interested in other human beings, I think that you can see how these young people has expanded our lives. We watch and listen and marvel at the uniqueness of each of them. And, of course, we are very grateful.


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