Blogging with bloggers!!!

I have had such a great day today. My husband and I jumped in our car and traveled from the 88 degree weather in Tucson, AZ to the top of Mt Lemmon where the temperature lingered at about 62 degrees. Thank heaven I had thrown a sweat shirt in or eating outside at the restaurant would have been out of the question. We were sitting among pine tree, sipping wine and dreaming of summer in Oregon. However, summer in Oregon, is about 3 month away. We never count on warm weather until after July 4th.

Then when I returned home I discovered that my blog had been read my Kirsten Yarrenton of Taylor Made Design and Christian Long author of the blog named Beckett to-Be, What a wonderful surprise to be mentioned by Beckett’s dad in his blog and receive a wonderful comment from Kristen. Even in this world of solitary blogging at all hours of the day and night, it is so good to connect with other people. It is as though we are having a conversation and we just hope the other parties are listening.


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