You Tube or Life in a Fish Bowl

I am watching TV. It is Sunday morning (big paper day), my husband will cook breakfast. It is cold in the RV but will be hot later in the day so we won’t turn on the heat. I have a big blanket on my lap. I am on vacation. I am writing a travel blog.

The first You Tube awards will be given out soon and it made me wonder what compels You Tubers (phones in the blender?) to do such crazy things and why do they want people to watch? The biggest question yet is why do people watch????? I will admit I was a little fascinated by the man that danced badly all over the world…I want to do that.

I guess when I blog I hope that anyone that reads my blog will agree with me. I am not for putting myself out for the ridicule that I read on some other blog sights. But then again, I am always wondering who my audience is. I would like to think I do it so that I can get my thoughts on paper and therefore I only do it for myself. Maybe so. Maybe so. But I am not up for a video blog…yet!


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