My friend Carol (the one with the “Share a Dog” plan) and I are going to give a party. In the picture above, Carol is fourth from the left and I am second from the left. Get Swanky is the party theme and we are hoping for an old fashioned cocktail party that will set the world on fire. We are dressing as flappers, poodle skirted teen-agers and on and on. The fact that we actually remember a lot of the eras makes us a lot older that we would care to admit. But reliving the past and all that JAZZ sounds like lots of fun.

The invitations encouraged people to dress in retro clothing (clean out your closet kind of thing) and retro hors d’oeuvres. The fact that I didn’t even know how to spell hors d’oeuvres and had to look it up in my 1950’s cookbook that I actually have in my RV is just too funny. Really I am only 65 (mere child in the RV park) and do not remember the flapper era at all. I just like gin in any drink and I am as good at pretending it was made in a bathtub as anyone else.

We have a guitar coming and two OLD convertibles with the top down. We will take pictures, drink old fashions, martinis, Manhattans, and whiskey neat, parade in the park in the convertibles and then go dancing in the dance hall. We will read the urban legend quote from a 1950’s home economics book the instructed young women on how to be a good wife. We may even have a little fashion show. Each woman will get an apron (just a reminder) and the men a hokey sunflower “buttoniere” (sorry for the spelling).

If you wish you were “older” about now I don’t blame you. It does sound like fun doesn’t it. At this time in my life, I have lots of fun. The fact that it is interspersed by aches and pain and the ills of aging friends does not change a thing. You know what, I could not be happier!

Today I am out to plan and shop. Wish me well. I will include pictures for the next segment to let you know if it turns out like we hoped or turns out so much better.


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