The Party part 2 or The Boomers Are Coming!

Be afraid…be very very afraid. The baby boomer are coming. They are young, they like to have fun and have had a whole life time to learn how. But most of all they are probably not quiet. Our RV park got a small taste of what it is going to be like when the ‘boomers’ come to town. My friend and I co-hosted a classic old fashioned cocktail hour before our “Farewell Dance” in the dance hall at our park. We shopped at the thrift shops, borrowed clothes from the costume closet here in the park and took on persona’s not our own.

We came as Holly Golightly, Gertrude Stein in a flapper dress, a thirties attired Virginia with black stripes painted down the back of her legs so she would look like she had nylons on, Dolly Parton with the correct push up bra and beautiful Mary in a blue sun dress with a blue salad bowl on her head. My husband came as James Dean and his friend painted on a mustache, slicked his hair back and wore a white vest. We were quite the crew.

But the best came when all the ladies piled into two convertibles at around 7:00 p.m. and noisily paraded around the park honking and inviting people to come out and say HI!!! The fact that there was only one complaint in the park was better that we expected. It was after 7:00 p.m. One couple was playing cards with their friends and didn’t want to be invited out to talk…even though I went to the door to ask them. When I introduced myself they were very rude, slammed the door and went back to playing cards. I am making a public apology on the internet but I am not saying I am sorry. The ‘boomers’ are coming. They can do that when they get here.

But we were not done yet. We took our martini glasses and bottles of club soda and went dancing for 3 hours. I have not had that much fun for many, many years. My feet hurt, my arms were sore this morning from jitterbugging but that dress with fringe on it got a real work out. I do wish you were all here.


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