Taxpayers Talking in my Ears

I remember when the size of my home and how it was decorated inside was very very important. We were educators, my husband a high school principal and me a a substitute teacher/stay at home mom. While we loved beautiful things we always were very careful not to give the appearance of having TOO much money. The ‘taxpayers’ took exception when we put a pool in our backyard. That, of course, crossed the line between living a clean decent life and having more money than we needed. In a small community of only 15,000 you could not hide out!!! Now that we are retired and living in two places at once with two cars and a beautiful motor home, we have ceased to care what the ‘taxpayers’ say. I am sure that 2 computers would have pushed them right over the edge. Really, I am not bitter. We did what we loved to do for over 30 years and walked away sane and in fairly good health. The “still learning after all these year” (SLATY) girls will head out this morning to see the model homes here in Tucson, AZ. They are the million dollar homes built to impress people like us and of course, make us yearn for more than we can afford. However, at this time in my life, if I can afford it, I do not hesitate to go about buying it. I do not hear the ‘taxpayers’ voice in my ears anymore:)


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