The Computer, Part II

So here is the deal. Even though I have my very computer and I am still thrilled to death with it, I really do want a new computer. I received a comment yesterday from a reader talking about her “screaming” fast G5 Apple computer. I want one of those!!!

But when I saw the comment my husband left on my blog I knew that some work was going to have to be done on the home front before that was going to happen. He said:

Dear wife, I just want you to know I was not moving your “stuff” around in the computer files just to be mean. I just knew there was “my way” of organization which made a whole lot more sense, at least to me. However, now that you have your “own” computer you can just stuff your file drawers with all the junk you want. Seriously, I love that you are such a techie and use the computer to communicate world-wide. Continue to use it but don’t be bugging me about a new computer; your is just fine.


I think I need a new computer. I hear the new Apples with the non-titanium cases are much better when used on a wireless connection. They have a built in camera (we video chat with our son in China often) and if I want, a duo processer allowing me to use both Windows and system X. You just set the wall in the computer to tell it how much memory you want to give to each side and there is a program called Parallel (?) that sounds like it might work. It will allow you to have both systems open at the same time.

I am going to start looking when I get home to Oregon. We have a couple of Apple stores near by. Wish me luck.

Wish me luck!!!


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