Saying Goodby to the SLAATY GIRLS

In the course of our travels we always seem to find new stories to tell. Here at Rincon Country East in Tucson, AZ we found a world we did not know existed. We have been here for 4 month, not counting the 3 weeks we spent in China. In that length of time you can learn and see a lot. I am going to spend the next few blogs telling you some stories from the WORLD OF PRE-BOOMERS. I will tell about FLAPPING NIGHTGOWNS IN THE NIGHT, THE EXCHANGE QUEEN, THE WAITING ROOM TO HEAVEN, HOW TO GIVE A WAKE , etc.

But today I want to talk about the SLAATY GIRLS. We are a group of women that share a life in an RV park and love the world of golf. Our husbands are avid golfers and it was that connection that brought us together. Our friends, Bill and Virginia, invited us to join their group of friends when we arrived. We knew Bill and Virginia from back home in Oregon. That was how we met Mary and Carole. Mary, Carole, Virginia and I shared so many wonderful experiences this winter.

Virginia has a lovely lilting kind of voice that makes you want to listen to every word she says. She is honest and open. She does not hesitate to tell you what is on her mind and keeps herself true to the ethics she believes in. I have learned a lot from her and try to measure up to her expectations. I am the other side of Virginia’s coin…she a quiet presence and me a loose cannon. She and her husband Bill celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this winter and the SlAATY GIRLS along with our husbands have wrung every bit to fun out of it that we could for about 4 months!!!

Virginia describes Mary as loving, kind and inclusive. (Mary on the left and Virginia on the right) She is a gourmet cook and loves quality art. The quilts she creates are so beautiful and show the love she puts into each one. She has a way of scanning a room and knowing what everyone has on and whether it was a good idea! I marvel at her sweet manner and I know that she could tell me that I have hair growing out of my chin and I would not be hurt. She will often say “why doesn’t someone just tell her that she….” She has a way that is so beautiful and soft that you are drawn to her. Everyone in the park probably loves Mary. Her husband Hollis will bring her chocolates when she wins a golf tournament or tell her how cute she looks. I like that a lot.

Carole is our bright shining star. (below in the center) She seems to sparkle with joy and life. We all stand in open mouthed awe sometimes at the things she does. Every minute is full of surprises and chuckles. She is the “I have an idea. If you want to help me out just raise your hand” SLAATY GIRL (see The Dog). We don’t own a community dog yet because we have only raised our hands a couple of times. And she has taken the step toward living the SLAATY GIRL life. She has started her own blog called LIFE WITH CAROLE and I have had the joy of helping her get started. She does not love the computer but she loves a challenge.

STILL LEARNING AFTER ALL THESE YEARS (SLAATY) just came to me the other morning when I was getting ready to go to the Street of Dreams with a car load of my friends. We are, after all these years, trying to figure out our husbands , learn how to get along with other women, deal with divorce and ex wives, decide where to live and the list goes on and on. We read books, practice our own faiths and of course, try to avoid the traps of old age. Because I am a former educator, I have always practiced the mantra of being a lifelong learner. I actually still set goals for myself that include reading lists, learning new skills and striving for minor personality adjustments (something that is truly a lifelong quest for me). I do not ever expect perfection but the fun for me is seeing what I can and cannot do. The fact that I have failed in so many things that I cannot list them on this page does not bother me. At least I know how to do things even if it is badly. I hope that I will still be learning new things until the day I die. I think that all these women share this philosophy with me.

So the SLAATY GIRLS have formed a real connection that is hard to let go of at the end of the winter season. We will email each other I guess. But we are, in the end, so different. Mary likes real paper letters, Carole has no patience with the computer and I love my Apple G4 so much that I have a hard time writing when not sitting at it for hours each day. Virginia lives very close to me but we will probably only see each other at the golf course or at an occasional social event. So I will miss my friends walking or riding by on their bicycle and just stopping for a visit at the curb.

A true SLAATY GIRL always looks forward, I think, to what is to be. She welcomes the summers and the autumns of her life with open arms. We know that we will be back together before long and when we leave here there will be friends and family waiting for us. I suppose that there is, as my friends Carole says, for every Goodbye a Hello .

Thanks for reading. I love your comments so keep them coming.



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