Watching TV in China: What you don’t hear!

I was was watching the news last night on our local channel. Local news about things involving your home and community are such a privilege but we forget how special it is until we travel to China. Because, I assume, of the Communist Party’s fear that the Chinese people will know too much or even be contaminated by outside influences and information about what is going on within their own country, people in China are denied the right to make up their own minds. It is not legal to own a satellite dish so law abiding citizens of that country do not have access to this kind of information.

When you happen to watch outside television with a satellite dish though it is lots of fun. While the people in America are watching wonderful and enlightening commercials, the rest of the world is listening in on conversations between Katy Couric and her co-workers. You hear the count down to on the air time and other really funny tidbits!!! You almost feel like a peeping tom but in a good way.

I would not give up my right to information without a fight but sometimes I would love to just listen in on the other conversation. Some times the best news is what you don’t hear, even here in America.


One thought on “Watching TV in China: What you don’t hear!

  1. How funny you write about this now! Even today while we watched The Today Show, Maddie joined in when Al Roker told the crowd to scream “JUMANJI Joe Michael!” He only does this when he’s in a good mood though. Sometimes it just, “Please tell me this is Friday!”

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