I apologize for the mistakes in yesterdays blog. There were lots of them but they have been corrected. Well the ones I found have been corrected. So the question is when should you edit your blog????? I have such a terrible time editing my own writing. I really should lag a day or two behind and revisit the blog before it is even published. But, being the kind of person that loves immediate gratification, I cannot wait. What I usually do is go back to the blog and edit after it has been published. Good? No, I don’t think so. As a teacher I would have told my students to write, wait, reread, correct then wait, reread, correct and then be done. Having someone else read my work doesn’t work for me because my husband is my editor. He is also a teacher and he has a different style of writing. When he proofreads for me, my writing ends up being part his and part mine.

The point here is…well there is no point. It is just an explanation for what goes on inside Barbara’s head. As I say in the disclaimer in the sidebar on my blog, I do this for fun and not for money. So I cut myself a little slack and go for it. I learn a little something each and every day. (So now I will click publish…send me a response if you see any mistakes. I love the attention. But that is another blog.)



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