Girls Weekend and Seattle, Washington….PERFECT!!!!!

When I posted on Friday I did not realize that it was my fiftieth blog. 50!!!! I expected to run out of words before now. But not today. Maybe tomorrow.

My daughter and I gave each other a wonderful Mother’s Day Gift; a girls weekend out. We made reservations at the Westin on Fifth Avenue in Seattle and began looking forward to sleeping in one of those famous Westin beds.

I am a very spoiled woman. My husband brings me coffee in bed every morning. I received diamond earrings for Christmas. When we get a new car he always lets me have it and he drives the pickup or whatever is left over. He very seldom turns me down when I ask him to do something and he has stayed married to me for 46 years!!!! So when it comes to Mother’s Day I can never think of a thing in the world that I want and I certainly don’t need anything…at all. But there are things that I have never done and taking a girls weekend just for shopping was one of them. So my daughter agreed to go with me and the rest is history.

After spending the afternoon shopping at Ikea in Renton, Washington just south of Seattle, we checked in, took a power nap, dressed up and migrated down stairs to have a drink in the lobby. We enjoyed watching people in ball gowns getting ready to go to a ball. A group sat on couches across from us. We overheard them say they were getting ready to go on a cruise, maybe to Alaska. We tried to guess where they were from and what their story was. There were three couples, a man from Italy and another young man probably from Seattle. It is fun to make up stories about people as you watch them out of the corner of your eye. Maybe they were doing the same thing with us.

Then we took a short walk up the street to a restaurant that the concierge had recommended. We ordered one of those great Seattle micro brews along with crab cakes and the best calamari dish I have ever tasted. We ate a lite supper and headed back to our beautiful hotel room. In the room they had Starbucks coffee and a tiny coffee maker that made two cups at a time. We each had our very own linen dressed bed that was almost to beautiful to sleep on. A cup of decaf, HGTV and a soft pillow that put frosting on my girls day out. Perfect! Just perfect!

When you visit Seattle you must visit the Pike’s St. Market. The flowers, neon signs and fish market is world famous. You will hear music on every street corner. I even saw a man playing the musical instrument like the one I brought home from China and had my picture taken with him. I bought a Chinese music CD from him even though I already have three I had purchased in China. I couldn’t resist.

What a wonderful weekend. I only hope that all you mothers out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day too.



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