Fred (the computer) Didn’t Leave the Living Room


Fred was an ordinary man. He loved TV and watched Scrubs as often as possible. He ate macaroni and cheese every Saturday night. Of course he had to live in a one room apartment because he would not leave his living room.

You see, Fred was afraid of catching a virus. He had heard that if you leave the living room you would or could catch a terrible virus that would invade his system and cause him to simply shut down. So he did not go out into the world. He did not talk to people, even those living next door and he never tasted or experienced any of the wonders of life. People that knew him wondered if his creation had simply been a waste and if his body could not have been used better by someone less fearful. Fred lived a long life, free of virus and devoid of experience.

I was told that the Hillsboro School District would not allow it’s teachers and their students to open and participate in blogs from around the world because they were fearful of a virus invading their system. The blogs I sent from China to my granddaughter in February about the Chinese New Year celebration were never opened. What a shame and waste of computer learning. They could have learned so much about other cultures and their celebrations. The world may be getting ‘flatter’ but it may also have a huge firewall built around it.

Fred needs to get out more!!!!!!!


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