In our family birthdays are open ended. They may start a couple of months early and not be over until a month or so afterward. We have even on occasion overlapped last years birthday with this years birthday. Keeping track of how old you are can be a challenge.

So when Elena was going to be TEN (10) I shopped for her presents five month ahead of time. It pays to be ready when the birthday happens to arrive early. (If a birthday comes late, it is usually because one or the other of us are not ready on time.) So when my daughter called the Friday before Elena’s birthday to announce that we would be going out to dinner for her birthday I was not surprised and I was ready.

This party was followed by a soft ball game with cupcakes on the next day. On the following Monday, her real birthday, her Grandpa and I took Elena and her brother, Ethan, out to Pizza Schmizza for dinner and then to aa movie. On the day after tomorrow she will have a skating party with her friends. And May is only half over!

So you can see why, even at 65, I still love my birthday. I am not ready to give up a month’s worth of parties yet!!! When I grow up maybe! But not yet.



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