Tuesday Gifts are the Best

Tuesday could be the best day of the week. I don’t work anymore so I can say that with all sincerity. I love Tuesday a lot. It isn’t the weekend. It isn’t anything in particular so I get to choose. Sometimes I choose to golf. Sometimes I choose to read or create or even just write. I love Tuesdays.

My friend, Mary Grace, loves Tuesday gifts. They are gifts give any day of the week for no particular reason. They just come in the mail or appear at her front door or a friend’s front door and it isn’t a birthday, Christmas or Mother’s Day. It is simply a Tuesday Gift. Tuesday has come to mean a gift of love in my mind. So on a Tuesday, when I am chosing what to do, it occurs to me quite often to give a gift. Aren’t Tuesdays wonderful?

A nod to Kristen Taylor Yarranton at Taylor Made Designs and her 5 Senses Swaps. I love the idea that the little package might arrive at her door step on a Tuesday.


One thought on “Tuesday Gifts are the Best

  1. It was a fun swap to do… a bit of work, but always worth it. It’s so much fun to come home and get a package! I hope one arrives at your door soon!

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