David Warlick and Fred Didn’t Leave the Livingroom.

This is just quick note relating to a comment in David Warlick’s blog “Two Cents Worth”.He was expounding on all the wonderful things that were happening at a conference he was attending. When you click on the EduBloggerCon you will find information on conferencing online. He said:

But the high point for me was the afternoon EduBloggerCon. These things can be tricky, especially when you have educators who are prevented from using blogs and wikis because of filtering software and district policy. There is a great deal of frustration there, that is difficult to get positive new knowledge from and also impossible to ignore

In “Fred… Didn’t Leave the Livingroom” I wrote about the this problem. Warlick has written several books including Classroom Blogging: A Teacher’s Guide to the Blogoshpere (2005). I think Warlick understands better than any of us what a problem teachers have when it comes to using the technology available to them in the most productive way.

Just thought I let you in on what I read when I go to blogs.



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