A Trip Through My Mind

“It seems to me that everything in the light and air
ought to be happy….

Walt Whitman, 1855

Traveling through my mind is an interesting trip. I thought I would take you along this morning.

My husband has gone out the door to play golf, the sun in shining and the weatherman called this day a “joyful day”, I am listening to Pink Martini’s new album “Hey Eugene” on my computer sound system and I have the whole day in front of me with endless possibilities.

We talked about going out to dinner last night, maybe down town. Maybe we’ll take light rail and go to the Pearl District. Brew pub or Cuban????

I have stories wandering around in my mind. Shall I write about The Waiting Room to Heaven again today? But then the kitchen floor needs mopping and I really want a cup of coffee from Starbucks. It’s only a half a block away so I may do that first.

We bought a new coffee maker. It is a fancy Mr. Coffee with a LCD clock on the front but the coffee is not really good. Maybe the coffee beans aren’t any good!

I dyed my hair and I am uncertain if it looks good. The fact that I change my hair color like some other people change their furniture is probably not good but I am 65 and I do what I want. They say hair dye does not cause cancer so at least I have that.

I am ordering a Taylor Made design book today. I love the black one but don’t know whether I want to order a custom made one or not.

The tall ships in the Boston Harbor were just beautiful when we visited there the year the USSR fell and the sailors from Russia sold their uniforms on the dock so they could find the money to sail home. I must write about that soon.


My daughter bought me a light bulb for Mother’s Day! (More later!) I bought the block letter “b” at the same store. When I place on the window sill it says “d” but when I print it, it says “b”. I love it. It looks beautiful this morning with the sunlight in the background.

Are there any other people my age posting and enjoying it as much as I do?

Okay I’m back. I must get up from my computer and move. It is a “joyful day” today!!!!


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