The Day Maddie Sat Close (Shopping in Shanghai)

Note: The market I talk about in this story is located at the Science and Technology station on the Shanghai Subway System that is part of the connection from the Pudong airport and downtown Shanghai. This subway is clean, fast and has some great stops along the way. In addition to the market at this station, you can also stop near the Pearl Tower on the Pudong side of the river, in the pedestrian mall near the Bund and at People Square. Signs are in English and Chinese. The ticket machines also have direction in English and are easy to figure out. You can also purchase a pass that lasts quite a while and is a good deal. Just watch everyone else and do what they do. No problem!!!!

My grandchildren have always sat very close to me when we were together. Sammy, my sons middle child, said to me one time that he had come all the way across town to give me a hug. I liked that a lot.

When Ethan (almost 14) was a little boy he would get up from naps and pile into my lap to be rocked as he was waking up. Elena is still my lap girl even though she is ten or at least I think of her that way. Connor, our oldest has always loved me unconditionally and at 14 that is very, very special.

Maddie runs to meet us at airport and when we come home from shopping while we are in Shanghai. She loves her grandpa especially because he teases her. And she loves a good joke better than any three year old around.

But I will never forget the time that Maddie sat very close. Her grandfather and I had gotten off at a subway station going to Shanghai from Pudong. Down in the same area where the ticket boothes and ticket machines are, there is a market that houses the knock off market.

This particular time we were shopping for a coat for Maddie. I was looking for a pink cotton candy soft wonderful totally impractical coat for that darling granddaughter and her grandpa helped me find it. I bargained and we searched for the right size and after a while it was ours.

When we returned home that afternoon, Maddie and her nanny were waiting for us. Maddie flung herself into our arms and we presented her with the precious coat. She tried it on, announced that she liked it, took it off and dropped in on the floor ala three year old style. But later in the evening, while we were visiting friends of Andy’s and Amanda’s, Maddie climbed up on the couch and sat very close to me. Not for long but just long enough that I know that she loved it. It was her way of saying thank you Grandma.

When I can’t sleep at night, memories like this calm me. I drop off with the feel of a child nestles in my arms.

Oh child of my child
I hold you so dear
And would give you my life
That you would prosper
and grow.



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