Thank You Google…invitation to give!!!!

Down under the Skytrain, Bankok Thailand

I noticed that, in my Google AD on the side bar, I have an plea for money for hurricane relief in those states that have been hit so hard in recent years. You know, that is one of the things I love about the human race! We may be selfish and flawed in so many ways but we really do spring to the aid of those that need help, be it animal or human.

My husband and I have seen this side of human nature when we were traveling. We were in Thailand when the tsunami hit all the countries bordering the Indian Ocean from Thailand all the way to Africa. It, as we all know, was a disaster of such magnitude that we can never even begin to understand. The fact that that particular event took lives of people from all over the world made an enormous impact on the human community.

As it happened we were on an island on the west side of the Thai peninsula on an island called Koh Samui. It, like Phuket, is a tropical paradise. On the list of things that we cannot explain, is the simple fact that the quake did not effect Samui at all. We looked on maps in the months that followed our return home and found that we were about 150 miles away as the crow flies. Several places in the Indian Ocean had come up in our conversation with our son and his wife the day before. My daughter-in-law had made the reservations and we had discusses the possibility of going to Phuket instead of Koh Samui. They had been to the resort we were staying at and were wanting a change. The click of a computer button could have had us standing on that beach on Phuket wondering how the tide could go out that far. But we all knew that it was not meant to be. Some how life is just that way.

When we returned to Bangkok a week later we found signs in Thai and English asking for relief aid for the victims. They said simply THE WAVE OF GENEROSITY or something to that effect. Buddhist shrines throughout the city over flowed with offerings of chrysanthemums and merchants spoke of lost relatives and clients that had ordered tailor made clothes that had not returned on time to pick them on time. An air of sadness hung over the city. When we reached the airport we found people going home from Phuket, many just then finding a way out.

As all the turmoil swirled around Thailand and all the nations that bordered the Indian Ocean, the Thai people were gathering aid to send and the King of Thailand was resolving to help the people as much as was needed. Human nature was doing it’s job once more.

So when I saw this ad on my blog, I was proud. If I never do anything but bring attention to the human condition and our need to support and help each other, I will feel such satisfaction. I thank Google for the opportunity to do that.

Incidentally, Thailand is the most glorious place in the world. Bankok is huge and dirty and polluted and wonderful. Taxi rides and Tuk Tuk rides and sky trains keep the adrenalin racing. The people are the sweetest of any in the world. I have heard that Thai means free and the people there call themselves Thai people. They will say, “The Thai people….” Women greet you with a bow and the lilting”Sawaddee ka “. In fact all greeting from woman end in “ka” even when they speak English. I love Thailand and can hardly wait to go back. ***If you will click Travel in the labels and find the “TAXI RIDES THAI STYLE” you will find more information.


2 thoughts on “Thank You Google…invitation to give!!!!

  1. oh wow… just imagine!~ I would love to travel to thailand someday. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about it there. Lucky you!

  2. Interesting that we lived that poem (on my site) at opposite ends of the spectrum, and that we live at opposite ends of the country. Thanks for stopping and commenting.

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