Blogspot New Header Function…GREAT!!!!

Check it out!!!!
*blogspot header possibilities
*adsense public service announcements(sidebar)
***how to stay young**

Hang out with young people.
Look at clothes in the teen department…visit with the clerks.
Don’t buy anything.
Drink water…carry a water bottle. You’ll fit right in.
Love new ideas…learn something new everyday…read a book
do a crossword or better yet sudoku
Love who you are, how old you are, and where you are!!!
a smile keeps you forever young!!!

Yesterday I created a new header for my blog. After watching the instructions on the blogspot home page I turned on my Photoshop Elements program and got busy. By saving the picture to the web publishing function it came out just the right size. I did make it only 3 by4 or something like that. The I added some language on the picture and kept my original hearder, placing the picture behind it. By adjusting the size of the hearder I got it to fit just right. Incidentally the template (Minima) I am using centers the header over the whole blog. I like this a lot better. I tried to do this function with my iphoto on my G4 but it just wasn’t sophiticated enough to get the results I wanted.

In the photo the Dragon heads you see in the foreground are on the mast of a barge housing a restaurant sitting on the river between Shanghai west (Pu Xi) and Shanghai east (Pu Dong). My husband took this photograph on one of those days that was just perfect. The sun seemed to shine on just the right things. But more importantly I think this photo is a symbol of China today. With the antique symbol in the forground and the beautiful and enormous Pearl Tower that houses their communications system in the background. A paradox in so many ways.

Then when I completed this task, I wrote the blog thanking Google for the public service ads they place when someone like me does not attract advertisement. And finally I put several pictures on my Flickr account. They are some that I liked of our China journeys. Take a look.

Have a great day!!! Learn something new and keep smiling!!!!


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