A nod to Russel Kirsch…the technology that he so ingeniously gave to us 50 years ago is the gift that keeps on giving!!!

Yesterday my Tuesday mail came and in it was the book that I had ordered from Kristin Taylor Yarrington. If you will go back to the blog titled “Tuesday Gifts Are the Best” you will find the blog about my friend Mary Grace and her Tuesday Gifts. Tuesday Gifts are those gifts given for no reason..not a birthday or a holiday. Just because!!!

Well I received my first Tuesday Gifts yesterday… on a Tuesday. The first was the book I had ordered from Taylor Made Designs at the Etsy store. I gave myself the gift of a small lavender book that Kristen Yarrington had made. She somehow knew that I needed it to arrive on Tuesday and it did. The second was a letter from Mary Grace, the Tuesday Gift lady. Mary Grace received a pair of those Crok shoes we all want with pictures painted all over them. They arrived on a Tuesday and they were from her daughter. They were given just because it was Tuesday!!!

The book and my card both arrive on Tuesday and I thought it was a lovely serendipitous surprise. I had a hard time opening the book without tearing the paper. I reminded myself of my grandmother, hording the beautiful paper for another use later. Of course I needed to take a picture of it with my digital camera (thank you Russel Kirsch!). To top it all off when I opened the Taylor Made Design blog posted on Tuesday, there was a picture of my package. Tuesday’s are getting better all the time.

I keep thinking that we should all thank Russel Kirsch where ever he may be. The square pixel may not be perfect but it started a revolution and we all benefit from it each and every day. Incidentally if you will type “pixel” in the search function on this website you will see some pretty amazing stuff. The human mind is an amazing computer all on its own and that is why technology is advancing at such a rapid pace. I don’t know what shape the pixel are inside my head but I bet some of them are square!!!!


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  1. I’m so glad my packaged was delivered on Tuesday 🙂 I could not have planned it any better if I tried 🙂 I hope you enjoy using your book!

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