Thailand and Elephants

We were visiting with friends today that had recently come back from Greece where they had traveled with tour group of 25. Over Seas Travel was the company that arranged the trip to Athens and then through the Greek Isles. It sounded so charming and educational. They had had a wonderful time.

We talked for a bit about Thailand and the man said he didn’t know if he could go because he wasn’t an adventurous eater. He would stay home because of the food!!! I love Thai food so it is not a problem for me and I can eat about anything as long as I don’t ask for the recipe. Knowing the ingredients might be a problem sometimes.

As for Thailand…where else can you walk out to eat at a restaurant called “Cabbages and Condom” on December 23, have the temperature be about 90 and meet an elephant walking down the street. On Sukhamvit Road in Bangkok a lot of people live behind high wood fences in vacant lots. You can see the young people playing a kind of soccer game on makeshift field behind the fences. Metal shack provide some privacy. The people that live there come out at night to set up booths beside the sidewalk and sell just about anything you could want. If they own an elephant they will bring it out to parade up and down the street and you can pet and feed it for a fee. The ones we saw were young and wonderful. You know I could eat beating cobra heart in order to pet a baby elephant in Thailand!!!!

Besides, I am sure you could find a McDonalds. They are everywhere!!!!


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