Paperbag Artist… A traveler at home

When we cannot travel, I like to shop. HOWEVER, shopping is not an option a lot of the time. Like everyone else, I have to watch my pennies (all those trips you know). Now here is the problem: when a girls wants to shop but she doesn’t want to spend any money, what does she do?

For me the solution is my wonderful art boxes!!! I have taken over a side of our kitchen and boxes of books from Stampington on multimedia art, paint brushes from China, a collection of pens and colored pencils sit next to a small box of alphabet letters. In the drawers and under my computer desk I keep other supplies. But I want you to know that I am a “paper bag” artist. Generally, a grocery bag artist if you can believe it. I discovered that I can do a dozen or more things with a paper bag and results are always good.

I use children’s water colors, Prang or what ever comes to my hand. Sometimes old coffee filters rinsed and dried are used and I create my own beautiful papers from card stock. Last Xmas I made 65 paper purses (an idea from Stampington) that served as centerpieces at my ladies golf club luncheon. Someone said at that time that my talents were wasted and I was so surprised. I love to give what I make away and do not have any in my house! Nothing has gone to waste!!!

On Sunday my husband and I were invited out for dinner. I bought a loaf of our wonderful neighborhood grocery rustic bread and bottle my husbands hand crafted vinegar along with some olive oil to take as a hostess gift. The bottles I used were empty glass water bottles that I decorated for the purpose. I discovered that by putting sticky glue on and applying embossing powder and using my blow tool, I could get a lovely effect on the outside. I then used a fine tip to apply gold paint and the same tool to dry it. It resembles gold thread when I do this. I have made very exotic bottles taking more time but in my world sometimes less is more!!!

After an afternoon of creating, the urge to shop goes away because I have something that I love in my hand! The local craft store gets a little business now and then but that is, for me, like buying groceries…not an extravagance but a necessity. Travel, writing, art and lastly, food. These are necessities and in the correct order.

Have a great day!!!

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One thought on “Paperbag Artist… A traveler at home

  1. Hi Barbara,I am Amanda’s sister, Jan. I wanted you to know how very much I enjoy reading your bog site. I am inspired by your words, from Budhism, cholesterol, to art – you are the real deal. We seem to have a lot in common!Today, I am catching up and just read about your artwork. I, too, share your interest in art. Maybe you could take more pictures of your work and post them on your blog, since you say you don’t keep your art. I would like to see a few samples of your “paper bag” and “coffee filter” artwork. It sounds very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I am enjoying reading about your world. Take care, Jan

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