Buddhist Wats, Buddhism and Good Health

****NOTE: I have extremely high cholesterol and I battle it in the usual ways. I take lots of pills, I try to eat right and if I were really good, I would exercise…at lot. Now I have gained 10 pounds in a year. That is not a good thing!!!!

I went to the lipid doctor this morning and the dear man was not nearly as hard on me as he should have been. But he did encourage me and say I was smart enough not to do this to myself and said I needed to lose 5 pounds in 9 weeks. A very reasonably request I think and of course I will do it but it sure would be fun if someone would help me!!! So I will weight in online, onblog, in the world for everyone to see on Wednesdays. 147 and counting!!!

The first time I went to a doctor for my condition I was living in a small north central Oregon community and the specialist from Portland came to town once a week. He weighed, measure, stress tested and told me to practice Buddhism to keep myself calm and stress free thus lowering my cholesterol. I wish I could say that I had followed his advise but unfortunately that is not so. Years have slipped by and I do not get any better with age! I am 65 years old now. The clock has begun to tick louder by the day and if I am to survive for 15-20 years more, I am going to have to take a good hard look at what I am doing. I do want to die used up and run down but I don’t want to live used up and run down. And that my children, is the problem!!!! I diet and Buddhism are a good place to start.

When I was in Thailand a couple of years ago I began to see the Buddhist discipline as a real option. I learned 80% of the Thai People are Buddhist and that many of these people are also Christian or perhaps some other religion. Buddhist Monks are, for the most part, not full time monks. Most men and yes, women cannot afford to live the life year around. There are Living Buddhas in the world, some of whom are chosen at a very, very young age. My daughter-in-law actually sat down with a living Buddha in Northern China near the Tibet border. She accompanied the “China Alive” students from Shanghai American Schools in the fall of 2006. (She needs to blog about that I think.) There are Buddhist Wats in China and they are filled with people. Thailand had many, many Wats or temples with gold encrusted Buddhist statues. There are also many statues of various Buddhas stored in a back room plaza we stumbled on while in the Emerald Buddha Wat. It is here you will see a reclining Buddha that is so big you cannot look at or photograph the whole thing at one time.

We took a water taxi from near the Shangri La Hotel to the Royal Palace and the Emerald Buddhist Wat. If you are in the mood to see other Buddhist Wats you can get one of those nutty TUK TUK drivers ( not a good thing for your stress level) I wrote about earlier. It is fun and semi-safe I think.

So I am on the wagon, I will look into meditation and a peaceful way of life, and I will try to exercise or move at least as much as I sit in front of my computer screen. I will try not to eat things this with eyes that walk on dry ground. (I don’t promise!)



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