Reinventing the Boat!!!

Hats off to Hillsboro, Oregon school system!!!!!

I have often said a good teacher could teach with a stick and a bare piece of ground to write in. Well, a middle school teacher in Hillsboro, Oregon believes that too but he used cardboard boxes and tape. Because of a creative, ingenious teacher our grandson, Ethan, can make a box float…with him in it AND take along a friend!!!! Really, you should be so impressed. His Grandpa Earl certainly was. He said he thought Ethan’s boat was a lot better than the people he competed against.

There were some criteria for the floating box they had to use; it has to be plain card board and could not be wax or plastic coated. They could only use tape to hold it together. And both boys had to get in it, paddle it 3/4 of the length of the swimming pool . The in order to earn all the points possible for this exercise they had to get wet!!!! WOW!!!!Now you and I know that they learned a lot doing this little exercise. Scientific facts like displacement of liquids, density of solids and many other concepts were taught in such a unique way. And they got to get WET!!! Fun and learning…what a wonderful idea.

Ethan and his sister, Elena both attend public schools in Hillsboro, Oregon and that is a very good thing. My hat is off to the educators that have stuck with the State of Oregon during a very lean and trying period. While classroom size increased they just continues to do what they do…EDUCATE OUR CHILDREN. It makes me proud.

So Hillsboro Education System, this one is for you!!!!


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