Art and Me

I spent the day at my art counter doing what I do when I want to share with a friend. I would like to send Kristen a card or at least call to hear her voice but in the world of the internet we do not do that that. We hide from each other. I would like to think that if we lived closer to each other we would have coffee together and I would know her mom and sister. But I live in Oregon and she somewhere far east of me.

I made a card for my Tuesday Gift friend this morning. She likes ‘snail mail’ and I love to send cards or prizes through the mail so we compliment each other.

The card I made today was made out of a paper bag from a plant I bought last Sunday at Farmers Market. The plant is looking wonderful and the bag is not looking so bad itself.

I wanted to line the card with a different color but I have such a time with glue. So the sewing machine had to come out and I quilted the two papers together and even used some fancy stitches on my machine that have never been used. My 40 year old machine was really surprised and performed like it was brand new.

The I ran the paper through the printer. A poem I had written on a rainy day appears on it:

when a flower blooms

as the rain falls gently
angels sing
and birds think
they are in heaven

when the a flowers
blooms as the rain
falls gently
when a flower blooms

After a day of back ground color, gold paint, decoupage, rubber stamps. embossing tool and water colors I have quit. Sometimes I love what I do and sometimes I just walk away. Tomorrow will come, I will post pictures and Jan can have a look at what I have done. Mary Grace will enjoy a note I will slip in the pocket inside the card and I will feel happy that an art project has gone out into the world.

Sleep well my children.



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