Art: Paper Purses

Every girls loves a beautiful purse…a beautiful spring purse with a ribbon and money on the inside. The paper purse serves as a gift box and allow me to put money on the inside in a small box. A note or a small gift would also fit.

I used card stock as the base for this. I had run the card stock through the printer so the poem was already on it. Crushing tin foil and rubbing the slick (oily) crayons on the high spots, I quickly rub with my iron allowed the crayons to release onto the paper. This provides just a little sparkle to the paper. Because I used crayons, when I applied the paint it let the ironed on color to show in relief.

I temporarily glued the bright paper to the back side of the painted paper. I cut the purse out using the full width of the 8.5×11 inch paper, folded it in half (8.5×5.5) and starting about an inch up from the crease I cut at an angle up the side making the top smaller than the bottom. You can curve this cut in or out making the purse any shape you want.

Now you can decide how wide you actually want your purse. By folding one side in (that is what the ribbon hides), and making a pleat by fold it back you can reduce the size of the purse. I then sews the purse around the edge. The ribbon looks like the wired ribbon but is actually $1.00 bin ribbon that has been heated with the embossing blower until it begins to curl up. I sewed this over the seam.

To allow the purse to stand up fold in half, fold up from the bottom at the place where your angle cut begins and then fold it back toward the other side making a good crease. Then just fold the middle in and close the purse. The small box inside was just made by folding a piece of card stock a quarter of an inch on three sides twice. Glue in place!!! You can embellish the outside any way you like. I use wine corks and gold paint then blow the paint dry with the embossing blower. The paint will bubble giving it lots of texture.

I have added wire handle to these purses using gold wire and grommets or hot clue to attach them. I generally abuse the wire a little wrapping it around needle nose pliers or bending it before I attach it to the purse. Beads are a nice touch. (I am all out right now…can you imagine.)

Good luck

This idea same from a Stampington Magazine. There really is nothing new under the sun!!!


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One thought on “Art: Paper Purses

  1. Hi Barbara,Thank you for the pics and for describing how you made the purse in such detail. I am so impressed with your creativity. I appreciate all of your writings to date, particularly about the woman on the beach in Thailand. You have a very loving and generous heart. You may have learned from her, but I am learning from you! Thanks again! J

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