The Boston Pictures: Lost and Found!!!

…There are just some things that make life
important, like people we
know who are special…. And so, we keep them

email: Bill and Virginia

I can’t believe I am actually writing to you this morning. I have so much to do but I hate it when people say, “Oh I could never do that…I don’t have time!” There is always time for a friend or learning or reading or art or my garden. I have time, just not a lot of it left over at the end of the day….usually.

Remember the post about the trip to Boston we took in the early 1990’s when I wrote about the tall ships and Russian sailors? If not look it up (The Boston Story, 5/24/07) In it I talked about my missing pictures from this trip. I looked in the basement, the cubbie hole on the upstairs landing and through boxes and boxes and boxes or photos in the office. I finally concluded that they were in the boxes that went missing during our last furniture storage fiasco. Well, wouldn’t you know it…a package came through the mail a few days later with the missing pictures. The package contained not only the pictures but it also contained memories from another life. I always call this kind of find an archaeological dig of sorts!!!

The lady that sent it to me is a close friend and she was the person that replace me in my teaching position as a Kindergarten Teacher. In the classroom I left over ten years ago were the beloved pictures. She had been a better “keeper” than me and took them home with her the day she retired. I love “keepers” for friends!!!! Thank you dear Norah. I think I will “keep” you.

Have a wonderful, busy, rewarding day.



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