seren·dipi·tous adj.: ..discoveries by accident.

*small note: diet is going great. exercises good.

A golden thread connected us…

Sometimes I see this world and am struck with awe and wonder. Where I live is so glorious beautiful that I would not even know where to begin to describe it. But the thing that always leaves me the most awestruck is the connections between living creatures. You have heard me talk about Kiristen and Mary Grace and the Tuesday gift. That story was, for me, reassuringly lovely. Now comes the story of the pictures that were lost by me and found by my friend Norah.

Norah and I lives 3 hours at 70 miles per hour plus an hour of rush hour city traffic from each other. We see each other maybe twice a year and sometimes not that often. She is a friend from a former life that I will always keep. When she was looking at the lost pictures at the very same time I was writing about them being lost, can not be called anything but serendipitous. When I opened my email this morning there was an email from her. I had sent her the link for the story called “The Boston Story…Lost and Found. She wrote:

Dear Barbara,

That was GREAT! I am glad you remembered and enjoyed those pictures. They were stashed away in my big plastic storage box of shells, sand from all over the world, nautical flags, sea pictures, and shell field guides. Imagine my surprise when I opened that envelope and there were pictures of your trip. I have no idea how they got into my box on sea favorites, but I must have put them there when I went through my kindergarten treasures upon retirement — EIGHT YEARS AGO!

I didn’t know you had looked for them, and I didn’t know I had them. So I just sent that little surprise package. I am glad you enjoyed them.

I’m gonna keep you, too!

Love, Norah

There must be a silver thread that connects me to my friends and family. This sort of thing happens quite a lot. I had always called it serendipity. So when I read the history of the word serendipitous, I realized that it absolutely defines my life and travels without any need for modification. The fact that so many of the discoveries happen in sync with discoveries by friends and family makes life twice as wondrous. Everyday discoveries are remarkable but once in a while something happens that just causes you to go WOW!!!!

seren·dipi·tous·ly adv.
The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.
Word History: We are indebted to the English author Horace Walpole for the word serendipity, which he coined in one of the 3,000 or more letters on which his literary reputation primarily rests. In a letter of January 28, 1754, Walpole says that “this discovery, indeed, is almost of that kind which I call Serendipity, a very expressive word.” Walpole formed the word on an old name for Sri Lanka, Serendip. He explained that this name was part of the title of “a silly fairy tale, called The Three Princes of Serendip: as their highnesses traveled, they were always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things which they were not in quest of….”

So here’s to Serendip, a truly magical place, and Horace Walpole. I dedicate this week “discoveries made by accident”. A week of Serendipity and wonder.


Picture by Earl of temple bells in Thailand.


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