Maddie Figured It Out!!!

Maddie and Elena

I know how to tell boys from girls my cousin’s little boys said. How, we asked, can you tell? a little fearful of the answer. Well, he said. boys’ ears are lower down on their heads!!!

Maddie is here visiting this summer. She is three…well almost four. She is at the age where the wonder of it all is almost more than she can stand. You can’t turn on a TV program that she does not love, Butterflies are just magical and pancakes shaped like bears are her ‘favorite’. I love her so much.

She sleeps on an inflated air mattress in the bedroom with her mom and dad. It is a bit like fitting sardines into a can. The tightness of it all got to her the first night and she ordered her dad out of the room. She said that only people that were white could sleep in that room and her daddy was brown.

Now, we were all appalled, then we were puzzled and then we were just down right stumped. Where had she gotten an idea like that???!!!! She is only three and she lives in a multicultural environment where norm is that no one comes from the same country or cultural background so those differences have disappeared. Then I looked at her class picture from the Shanghai American Schools where she attended pre-k classes and all the little boys are from Asian region countries. She and one other little girl were of European ancestry. Her teacher probably took the time one day to talk about how we all are different and yet we are all alike. But, Miss Preeti would have said, we are all special and very valuable. And Maddie would have added in her little mind, some of us are boys and some of us are girls! But how do you tell the difference? I can see her looking around and figuring it out. She and her little girl friend were blond and all the boys were not.

So it seems she had just decided on that particular night that only girls could sleep in such a tiny room and the boys would simply have to move to the couch!!! So there you have it.

I love Maddie. She is always making me think.



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