Art on the GO!!!

When my husband and I go to Arizona in the winter my art goes with me. I keep it very simple but I always manage with my computer and the supplies I have on hand to make cards, small books etc. I have gotten so I like art on the go.

So yesterday when I woke up feeling the need to make a quilt card for a friends, the simplest of things emerged from my kitchen counter storage.

aluminum foil
crayola water colors
white card stock
paper cutter
sponge brush
tacky glue
gel pen

I love the patchwork quilt idea…it satisfies my need to create without buying any material. I start by crinkling up the foil for texture. On the non shiney side I paint a light coat of tacky glue and allow it to dry slightly or blow it dry with my embossing tool. (Handiest tool in my supplies…speeds up the process 100%) Then I use the same sponge brush I used to brush the glue on to sponge colors from the water paints mixed with some tacky glue. I lay my card stock on top of it while it is still wet and roll it with the rolling pin. I may do this a couple of times to get the effect I want. I blow the paper dry between applications. This paper can be run through the printer if you want to add text or you can add rubber stamping. When you are done you have a beautiful mother board that can be used in a number of ways.

For the patchwork quilt process I use my 1 inch square punch and create a stack of squares. These were the squares I selected to cut in half from corner to corner. I then folded two of the squares from corner to corner twice and cut them on the lines and painted them red. I folding one square twice making smaller squared and painted those green. Then the fun began. I just began playing with them to get the pattern I wanted and glued them to a scrap piece of card stock making the patch work the size I wanted. I used my gel pen to add embellishments and created a pattern around the edge to replicate a postage stamp. Sometimes I use my paper punch to do this and then outline the scallops with the gel pen. I then cut that out and mounted it to a contrasting backing with foam tape to lift it a bit. The whole thing was mounted to the front of a card.

I was satisfied and I had a small quilt/stamp created in a day. I considered getting my sewing machine out to sew the patch up but did not want to take the time. Maybe I will do one tomorrow.

Send me a picture if you make one. I would love to see it.


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