“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Today is my 100th post!!! I would never have even imagined when my son taught me to do this in February. We stood at his kitchen counter with his wife watching over my shoulder. We were in Shanghai, China! That was the beginning of Maddie’s Minute and Barbara’s Travels. Our blogs have paralleled each others and we discuss them often. It seems that we are continually looking for relevant things to blog about.

Blogging can be such a wonderful way to say what we want to say. And it is a great way to find out about talented and interesting people. I found Kristen Taylor Yarrington of Taylor Made Designs through the typepad.com blogger site. She was featured earlier this spring and as I was looking at a David Warlick 2 Cents Worth posting I noticed her blog. I visit her almost every day. I found Kalilily on blogger. She is a new find. Elaine is caring for her Alzheimer stricken mother She is a mother/grandmother/woman of strong opinions and, whether I agree or not, I find her thoughts very interesting. I read Beckett To Be regularly. Beckett is a baby and his dad is posting almost daily about what they do. The pictures are darling and I think you should check this site out. Most of these blogs are linked in my site.

I have signed up with ADSENSE, Blogs By Women, Clustr Map, Stat Counter, Flickr and have tried some others that I don’t think are going to work for me. I could not get All Consuming to work for me after getting the code for one book on my site. I will keep trying for a while longer but I may have to let it go! I try to use it because I like the idea of posting book covers in the sidebar.

Some of my favorites are the ones about the SLAATY GIRLS, 10 Things we should know and all the book and travel blogs. And I treasure the blogs about my grandchildren.

I learn something everyday. So I am celebrating 100 blogs today!!! Hooray!!!!



2 thoughts on “100 POSTS

  1. Barbara — I’m glad that you found me, because now I’ve found you.When I read your blog, there was so much that resonated for me, but I’ll name just three things:1) What a boon the blogosphere has been for all, and especially for women; it’s one of the few mediums where our voices are really being heard.2) I loved that you are actively trying to figure out how to make the blog work, and to harness all the features available in service of your message. 3) One of my goals is to be happier at 50 than I was at 40, happier at 60, than at 50, etc. which is probably why, in part, the film Evening was so tragic. This seems to be your goal too; so I appreciate knowing you are here.Thank you, thank you!Whitneywww.daretodream.typepad.com

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