Here’s to freedom!!!

The weather is finally getting warm here in the northwest United States. Usually we do not get any warm weather until AFTER the 4th of July. We have on many occasion sat with warm blankets over our lap as we watched fireworks. On the day before my youngest child was born we sat on the lawn in Stanfield, Oregon with my two older children rolling around on the lawn and I was wrapped in every blanket we owned.

Now 36 years later I have to wonder at all the wonderful memories of my favorite holiday. We have gone to air shows, gone on picnics, camped, and on and on. I have always dreamed of being in Boston on the 4th to watch the Pops and fireworks. Wouldn’t that be something. I loved our 2ooth anniversary and I even think we have it on tape somewhere in this house. I do love our country, even when I get so frustrated and disappointed at what we do. Let me tell you right now, at our worst we are better than anywhere else in the world.

Summer time is wonderful, vacation is wonderful, sunshine is wonderful, family is wonderful…but were it not for our freedom, non of these things would shine so beautifully in our minds!!!

Happy 4th of July!!!



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