Women Beware!!!!

Do you ever read a blog and want to respond so badly you can taste it? But then you know it would be a waste of ….well everything? I have been following a blog called Never Too Late. It is written by a retired college professor. In it she made a reference to a blog by a 60 year old guy that posts a blog called the Old Rogue or something of the sort.

Now the reason I am posting this is because I want to say LADIES BEWARE!!!! He is rich, he loves young woman in their early twenties (or even younger?) and he makes no bones about the fact that older woman are fat, ugly, and… well you get the idea.

Lock up your daughters or something.



2 thoughts on “Women Beware!!!!

  1. Younger than 20??? Nahhhh!What do you think I am a pervert?You don’t have to tell anyone to beware. They know exactly what they’re getting with me-I’m very up front with women. That’s why they love me

  2. I appreciate the Old Roque and his need to defend himself. But this life seem so short and for a successful man to waste so much when there is so much need…it makes me just sad.

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