Inside Barbara’s Head chapter 1000

We officially have liquid air this morning. The marine air moved in last night and we had a wonderful cool sleeping night.

If you wandered around inside my head you might get lost. I wake in the morning full of ideas for the day and as I wander around in there, I find myself lost at times. I really do love my life.

I went through a lot of blogs last night. That always inspires me. Some of my favorites (no links here+ you will have to look them up):

I Should Have Bred Iguanas
Taylor Made Design
Kalilly Times
Tongue in Cheek
Orenco Opinions (mine)

They are bombing the
Red Mosque again. (see Red Mosque and Hope For Peace.)

Dick Cheney is getting a new battery…don’t even get me started!

My book club met on Thursday and it was wonderful. Were it not for my friends and my family I think I would go mad.

The other blog is calling my name.

I will begin Storm Riders (Craig Lesley).

We might go to the brewfest today!!!!
I stayed home yesterday so the house is clean and dust free…no asthma!
I bought a wonderful looking sewing book yesterday. A find at $12.99!!! My local grocery must be cleaning the back room. I love it.

So there you have it. Have a wonderful day!



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