When Children take a Picture

Maddie is am imp…a four year old imp!

I have a picture of the inside of my granddaughter’s nose.
I have no quote for that. I only have the wonder of what happens when a camera gets into the hands of a child. We are blessed to live in a time when cameras are digital and a child can quickly use up all your camera’s memory but nothing has been lost. When I retrieved my camera from Maddie’s house the other day, these were some of the the pictures I found on my camera. She was facinated with the process of taking the picture, knows which button to press and watched it flash (I imagine) in her eyes and at the ceiling. I am still chuckling!


2 thoughts on “When Children take a Picture

  1. She is so cute! Both my kids love taking photos. In fact I have designated my old digital camera as “the kids” camera so they don’t touch my good one! I love seeing what images they come up with.

  2. My daughter, a 3 year old, is quickly becoming very good at taking pictures too! amazing how quickly the pick up the skills, don’t you think? oh and she did attempt to take shots of herself too but not so good with the focusing yet, otherwise i’ll have a nose snapshots to share too 🙂

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