The Birthday Girl Turns 4

My granddaughter birthday was yesterday…..
well actually she celebrated day before yesterday because of the International Date Line. I try to understand the world and time but I still just throw my hands up in the air.

Anyway…we have an isight camera that goes with our G4 Apple Computer. When China is in the mood to let us talk, we can connect, talk and see each other in real time. So that is what we did Saturday day night, Sunday morning in Shanghai. You have to understand that our granddaughter is only 4 starting on Saturday/Sunday and she sometimes gets a little spooked by technology. She also makes decisions that we don’t understand.

She decided upon rising Sunday morning that she did not want to be a year older. Instead she wanted to stay a baby. There would be no singing, celebrating or HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Of course, I did not know she had made these decisions and called her on my computer then proceeded to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY along with about 8 or my friends.

Birthday Girl Cried!!!!! a LOT!!!!

She threw herself on the ottoman, cried and kicked her feet. Now I hate to admit it, but since my children have been very young, a scene like this just makes me laugh. a LOT! The poor baby was crying and Grandma was laughing…a LOT!

It was not what we planned. But she had a great day with a swim, a chocolate cake, Chapstick as a birthday gift and a Barbie Doll (not named after her grandmother.) Life went on and we are all happy!

The Birthday Girl will celebrate with her classmates when school starts…we think. But in the meantime she would prefer it if you did not mention it, please. She has decided to keep on being little for a while longer.

We love her a lot.



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