Going to the Olympics??

The Olympics are coming to China!!! Yes indeed, we will be hearing about Chinese food, soft drink stands and cardboard in the pasta for a while more. People will be stating emphatically that China is so polluted and ‘how could they do that?’

Well I am saying this to you: don’t believe everything you read in the newspaper.

First of all, the United States is the biggest polluter in the world. Period!!!

If you love to travel and want to go someplace that will just knock your socks off, go to China. The food is just fine. Eat at clean places, order really steaming hot food. And if you’re a timid eater, eat at your hotel!!! But for goodness sakes don’t demand that China change.

The soft drink stand by the restrooms is a good thing. It does not hurt a thing. The restrooms with holes in the floor are a reality…get over it. Wash your hands and carry pre moistened disinfectant towel in your purse. There probably won’t be any toilet paper. The crowds push when you are in the way…expect it. The pedestrian does not have the right away…be careful. The storms out the Gobi Dessert happen and the air turns red in Beijing. Look at it as an adventure.

Eat Beijing duck in Beijing. It is the best thing you will ever eat. Eat noodles in Beijing. They are second only to the duck. Order good wine, they have that too. Be prepared to be misunderstood…hopefully the Chinese people will make your trip an adventure and not too easy. Get a business card from your hotel when you go out in a taxi. That will almost guarantee you will come back to the hotel. If you want to go to southern California go there. Do not go to China. And please people, don’t complain. Look around. You are in China!!! Is that cool or what!!!!



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