Quotes on a Women

Women speak two languages – one of which is verbal.William Shakespeare(1564-1616)

How a woman’s mind works…read the manual. It will be written for a PC. The Apple manual would not be hard enough!!!!

I finally can remember the garage door code. It is a wonderful thing because when I arrive home from a walk and I do not have my keys with me, I can just punch in the numbers and the door magically goes up.

I cannot remember my debit card number. There is no room left in my brain. I try the garage code but the machine does not give me what I want. Confusion takes over as I continue to try and smile foolishly at the clerk. After I write a check and go out the door I remember that I have tried to use the garage door keypad code. I always wonder if a garage door is going up and down somewhere!!!! I know when I get home the door is open sometimes and this might be the reason.

Quotes are my thing. I always think that someone a lot smarter or more famous will have just the right thing to say. When I went to google looking for quotes on women, several web sites came up. One of them was Ebay!!! Women=shopping!

For those of us that are left handed, right brained, women and ambidextrous there are big problems. The right brain is creative. The left hand is awkward. The ambidextrous is just confusing!!!! The woman part??? No wonder I cannot find my car keys until I know where the extra set is hidden!!!

Taking medication on an empty stomach is impossible for me. My stomach is NEVER empty!

I love a clean house. I don’t like to sort the silverware. What cannot be seen is not important to me. Even chocolate!! But leave the chocolate or the silverware out where I can see them and things will be sorted…knives,forks,spoon, dark chocolate.

The sun is shining here. Have a wonderful day!!!

*note: The first quote was by William Shakespear. The rest were by Barbara!


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