The Bedroom of My Dreams

Modern Art Everyday
*visit this website to see the most glorious affordable modern art!!! (imaged borrowed from the website)

I love modern art. But I just cannot seem to find a way to incorporate it into my life and life style. I see a beautiful (can not decide on a color) room with modern art in that beautiful wonky green and brown. I would have all black/brown furniture and a low bed with drawers underneath for storage. A flat screen TV would hang on the wall. The curtains would flow from a wire hung from wall to wall and drape carelessly on the floor. The sheets and coverlet would be pure hotel quality white cotton, 1000 count if possible. Modern art pillows and art would be sprinkled around the room.

I would have a old chaise with fabric in stripes of the same colors as the art but just a touch of red. I need red everywhere in my house. The long black/brown table by my bed would have a place for me to sit at my computer when I choose. If I desired, I would not need to leave my bedroom all day. The colors would run carelessly into my bath where soft towels, huge towels of 100% cotton would drape over three hooks on the wall. The window would be covered with a shutter painted white. A black/brown dressing table would sit along the wall with a lighted mirror on the table top that would allow it to be moved close to accommodate my terrible vision. All those glorious organizers for jewelry and makeup would sit neatly in a discrete corner of the table. An ipod, a green ipod would sit on my Bose speakers in a corner so I could play jazz all day or download a NPR show to listen to later.

But, low and behold, I am in the grasps of heritage. The picture I have hanging over my bed is an embroidered pillow top made by workers from the far east for my Great Grandfather Seaburg as the railroads were being built in Oregon. It is framed with the frame from the picture that hung over the back bar at The Smoke House bar in my home town. It framed a naked lady at one time. The Crewel work of bright red flowers hangs without a frame on the wall. My mother created it. Pictures of my children and grandchildren surround me. And the walls are painted a living green that reflects the plants on my bedroom deck.

The modern art will probably not appear in our house very soon. I will continue to ask for another home somewhere far away. Maybe there I will satisfy the need to create a spa, a clean carefree young feeling space. One that will satisfy the right side of my brain and the left handed side of my nature.

I love Sunday morning dreaming!



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