Famous People and Imaginary Friends

I you don’t watch cartoon with the children in you life, you are missing the opportunity of a life time. My personal favorite is Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.

It is a show about the imaginary friends of children that have out grown that stage in their life where they need some entity that is invisible but strong. Something that will help them sleep at night, get through a tough patch and keep them company.

The imaginary friends that are not needed anymore live in an old mansion inhabited by a little girl that keep everyone in tow. A Clown that comes and goes (he is needed quite often), a blue smear that came to stay, a monster, a rabbit (with a clock) all occupy the home with countless other creatures. They have served their purpose and need to live somewhere. And Foster’s Home is it.

My grandchildren had them. The two I spend the summer with each had or have one. Ethan, the oldest, chose GOD at about the age of three and kept him around for quite a while. Elena, now 10, has a friend named Fluffy. Fluffy is a huge stuffed bear that has a soul living inside it fluffy body. Elena gets very incensed when you call it an IT and she packs it in a carryon suit case when she travels. When she does not need it any longer the soul of Fluffy will go to live at Foster’s Home and the fluffy body will go to Goodwill.

These grandchildren are both very normal, bright children. So I “imagine” that an imaginary friend is quite normal. I, on the other hand, did not have have an imaginary friend although I did carry a Raggedy Anne doll around until my mother burned or dumped it.

So here is my thought for the day. Who were the imaginary friends of the following:

Micheal J Fox
George Bush
Steven King
Laura Bush
Prince Charles
Hillary Clinton
Tom Cruise
Queen Elizabeth

I think the world should have fun with this MEME. Let me know what you think.



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