Magazine MORE….Teenage unemployment….President Bushes reading list!!!

I bought a magazine the other day called MORE. It is written for women over 40 and has a lot of copy that deals with movie stars and models over 40, what color our hair should be. All this was listed under the heading called “Style”. I really was not that impressed with that part of the contents.

However, I did read several interesting stories. There was one by political wives, another about wineries called The Glories of Chile, how our teeth change as we age and what we can do about it, weight gain caused by menopause and woman’s basketball. But the article that really caught my eye was one written by Margaret Heffernan called In Good Company and explained why “midlife women” are such good business owners. If you are thinking of starting your own business you would do well to read the article and pursue your dream. Tick, Tock, the clock is running and we’re not getting any younger. Another called Uncautionary Tales told about women over 40 making life changing choices. Not that I am encouraging you to run away to Greece with your hairdresser. But a new hairdo would not hurt.

The newpaper also has some interesting material. My husband read an article to me from the newspaper about how bad the job market was for teens. According to the article, the unemployment of young people between 15 and 18 would play out for years to come. The connection has been made between children working young, the school dropout rate (fewer employed young people drop out) and success later in life. The writer of the story also said that employers prefer job candidates that have held jobs over those that had only gone to school.

Now, you ask me, why are fewer teens finding job. Well the answer it two fold. One reason, of course, is the influx of immigrants from other countries. The other is older people, even retired seniors are taking the jobs that teen once held. Big box stores do not hire anyone under 18 years of age. So the senior citizen you see working at Walmart or Wendy’s is taking a job that was once held by a teenager. It seems that Americans are living longer, working older and for a lot less!!!!

There is not threat to our world because of any of this. Immigrants work at jobs even teens don’t want. Middle aged women reentering the work place fill a niche that is perfect for them and them only. Senior citizens need the money and the volunteer work that they might have done in another decade many times goes undone. Maybe we need to require that teens do the volunteer work. They might also need to be willing to work at menial jobs, competing with immigrants and seniors. Not everyone can work at THE GAP!!!!

By doing these things teens could claim to have held a job, even as a volunteer, and employers would find that valuable. Their time would need to be managed well, leading to better school and work ethic. And some good hard dirty summertime work will never hurt a teenager. A teen that does manual labor will find that education is very valuable. It is very unlikely that they will want to work that hard forever!!! The teenager that doesn’t finish school or can not perform in school will be the one that gets to do the dirty jobs for the rest of their lives.

Have a great day!

President Bush 60 books, Karl Rove 50 books. They don’t say which books. Maybe two of Karl Rove’s books would make 5 of President Bush’s. US New and World has the story. Who knows!!! There are books and there are books!!!


One thought on “Magazine MORE….Teenage unemployment….President Bushes reading list!!!

  1. In Illinois, the state gov’t has plans to revoke a teen’s driver’s license if they drop out of school. We are either going to see more unlicensed kids driving illegally, or more kids graduate. Also, some of our schools now require students to volunteer in our community, as part of the requirement for graduation. Just thought I’d share….

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