President Bush read a book, EVERY SIX DAYS and RAN THE FREE WORLD??????

I wonder sometimes if ANYONE will rise to the bait. When I added the very small comment on
Tuesday noting the competition between President Bush and Karl Rove to see who could read the most books, a friend sent me this email. SHE WAS PAYING ATTENTION.

*Note: the icon at the side was taken from a teachers guide to Eric Carle’s Very Hungry Caterpillar

Did you laugh right out loud when President Bush announced that he had read 60 books last year “…and a coupla ’em were Shakespeare’s!!” ?

Now the possibilities of this actually happening are very remote.

But if it did, that would mean that the man read a book every 6 days. Every six days! The busiest and most important leader in the world is reading a new book every six days? He must not be moving his lips or he must have that finger zooming under those sentences!! He certainly isn’t pronouncing all of the words because he doesn’t know a lot of the bigger ones.

Then there is the possibility that he has now read ALL of the Eric Carle books. I thought he was going to spend his entire first term in office reading The Hungry Caterpillar in every classroom he visited. But perhaps he branched out this past year and read all of them. That would account for quite a few of the 60 count. Or maybe he just read The Hungry Caterpillar 58 times and the coupla Shakespeares to fill things out nicely.

I wonder which Shakespeares? Did anyone tell the man that Shakespeare didn’t intend that his plays be READ? He intended them to be performed and enjoyed. He should have been reading those Shakespeares in high school. Oh well, it is never too late to have a happy freshman year!

I have been a voracious reader since I taught myself to read — around the age of four. I read every night before turning off my light and going to sleep — EVERY NIGHT. I am retired and do not report to work anywhere outside my home. I have lots of time to read — and I do! But I cannot remember the last book I chugged through in six days (except picture books I read to my grandchildren). This man, on the other hand, has such a busy job that he admittedly does not read the newspaper, emails, mail, directions, memos or anything else. And yet, somehow he has found the time and intellect to crank out 60 books — one every six days — in one year. Including a coupla Shakespeares!

I’d laugh if it wasn’t so pathetic.

*Thank you to my friend. As you can see, she is a lot smarter than the average bear and more articulate than you can ever imagine. But the whole point is I could never have said this as well as she. BUT I WANTED TOO!!!!!


A Midsummers Night’s Dream,

By William Shakespeare
Published 1998
Signet Classic
Plays / Drama
162 pages
ISBN 0451526961


One thought on “President Bush read a book, EVERY SIX DAYS and RAN THE FREE WORLD??????

  1. This was good, Barbara. And, yes, I like the rest of the world believed him when he said he read 60 books and some literature at that! hah! i guess he figures we’re as dumb as he is if he expected us to believe this. if he read 60 books, they were of the eric carle and dr. seuss vein….

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