Without Books…I can’t Imagine

We didn’t have a public library. I grew up with the feeling that a book was a treasure that you deserved and yearned for. I got books for my birthday and Christmas. The feel of Anne of Green Gables, Little House on the Prairie and Freckles are still the stuff of dreams for me. I think I wrote my first story before I could read and my father served as my typist. I was less than five years old. When I could read and summer came, my mother ordered a whole box of books for me from the Oregon State library and when it came, it was a treasure box to be sure. I did not order anything in particular and I can imagine the librarian going through the stacks and gathering all my summer books. I received the complete works of Shakespeare as a high school graduation gift. So, I do indeed have a reverence for books large and small.

And the intellect of a Pulitzer Prize Winner, or a Booker Award Winner, a Rhodes Scholar or the winners of the Nobel Prize was the stuff that Presidents and world leaders were made of. I remember when JFK was elected president one of the first images we saw of him was of him reading or writing. He taught a nation to speed read and we were all awed by his intellect.

In the blog Dare To Dream the author makes reference to her heroes and how they have changed or inspired her during her life time. I will say that my hero/heroines have always been those people that were gifted with a great intellect and never wasted or abused it. Mother Teresa, Albert Einstein, George Washington Carver, Thomas Jefferson, Meriwether Lewis, John Nash and the list goes on and on.

So I am asking for your forgiveness dear readers. I am just a little passionate about some things. I don’t want anyone, not the minister, not the governor of our state, not our Secretary of War and not the President of our country to take lightly the gifts that are given to brilliant people. Intellect, moral principal and ethical behavior…these are the stuff on which the survival of our planet depend. And notice I put INTELLECT first. I do find it frightening that we would even be joking about our President reading books. We should know WITHOUT A DOUBT that he does read books of substance and always has. Unfortunately, we don’t know that.

So let me say this in closing, that I do love my country and above all I do believe in disagreement and the free expression of our ideas. I just feel that this president has let us down. I really did believe he would be okay once in office, because if he knew he was not brilliant then he would surrounded himself with men and women who were and THEN take their advice. He did do the first but not the second. I also have a lot of respect for the office of President of the United States. But, as I have seen during my lifetime, our presidents are flawed men. They are asked to do impossible jobs. God help us all!!!!


note: I wanted to put a picture on this post. I could not bring myself to put a picture of our President on it. Some how it just didn’t seem right! I just made me sad!


One thought on “Without Books…I can’t Imagine

  1. I loved your recall of the arrival of your box of books. My parents were not recreational readers while I was growing up and didn’t understand my obsession with the adventure I found in books. The whole idea that the President of the United States has not read widely explains so much. He has no historical or cultural personal background that would have helped him consider ALL of the possibilities (like diplomacy — DUH) before he took us into this quagmire in the Middle East and destroyed our credibility around the world. I cannot even begin to talk about the countless lives that have been lost in this one man’s folly. NAP

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