Russell Kirsch…inventor of the square pixel

Note: I am posting today to honor another one of my heroes…Russell Kirsch. He is one of the people that made it possible for us to do what we do on our computers.

Russel Kirsch-the man that invented
the square pixel we use in our cameras today.
The first image he created appeared in
Life Magazine as one of the images that changed the world.

It was the mid 50’s and Russel Kirsch began to wonder what we could do with a computer beside make war and add up the national debt. On his own time he began “playing” with the computer and our digital camera is the result of his curiosity. The image he created of his young son appeared in Life Magazine as one of the images that changed the world.

Because of people like Russel Kirsch, the last 50+ years have truly been an amazing time for the use of technology in the pursuit knowledge. Those of us that live on the fringes of this world can only look on in wonder and anticipation.

The square pixel is what we see on our computer screen today I think. Be not afraid. A computer is pretty indestructible. Don’t keep precious files on it. Save things to an external hard drive or do like Mary Pipher does and burn a CD, keep it in the shed out in the back. But for goodness sakes turn that baby on, get on the Internet, read a thousand blogs and then write one of your own. Times a wasting!!

As for whether my blog is safe; you may be insulted or inspired or bored or confused or any of 100 other things but I really do think you are safe!


Your blog site isn’t safe.!!! said the email!!! What does that mean…will I make your computer explode or are there other unseen things we should fear

I as not afraid of what I will find on the Internet. I search and research with wild abandon. I love my Blogger accounts and use them every day almost. So, let me say this, if your computer explodes or if the bogey man comes to your door, please let me know. And for goodness sakes, contact Blogger because there are many thousands of people that will want to know too.

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