My Grandchildren Gave Me a Gift!!!!

I awoke this morning wanting a gift from my grandchildren. I took 14 dollars from my husbands wallet (I didn’t want to spend my own money…it just didn’t seem right). I asked first! Then I went to my daughters house and announced to my grandchildren that I was giving them each $7 dollars and they were going with me to the mall and they were buying me a gift.

The fact that they did not even think it was strange is testament to the fact that I do not even surprise them anymore. My granddaughter announce this morning when I told her we were going to buy me a present, that she did not have ANY money. My grandson had some but he was guarding it pretty closely.

So off to lunch and then shopping we went. REI seemed like a good choice to me. I love their outdoor merchandise and my grandchildren know every nook and cranny in the store. The job was:

They had to buy me something I would like.
They had to be able to tell me why I would like it.
They had to look me in the eye and tell me thank you for helping them this summer.

So off they went.

I bought a cup of coffee and sat in the shade to await their return. Soon I caught sight of them, bag in hand. They had chosen to put their money to together. They explained to me about the gift in the sack. It would hold stuff when I traveled. It would keep things dry if I ever went sailing, on a cruise or deep sea diving. (I am 65 and hardly swim anymore but they think I am young!) I could put my ipod in it.

They had spent $13.95. They had bought me beautiful little Penquin case, water and dust proof with a pressure release valve on the side. It is yellow with a little black strap…and there was 1 (one) nickle in it. (I did give them $14) We had to take it to the big beautiful fountain to test it. It was water proof all right. They were so proud. I just love it!!!


*note: My family is very, very generous with me and so appreciative of all we do for them. I thought you should know. I love little surprises in every day and sometimes I don’t wait for them…I make them happen. (smile)


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