imac, ipod, ismile!!!

I am already the proud owner of a G4 Power Book made by Apple and I love this baby more than anything. It is sleek, easy to transport and my life is contained within it’s covers. Granted it is several years old, it got a sick tummy a couple of weeks ago and my husband backed up all his information on an external hard drive. But a new computer? I asked. My husband let me know they have brand new stuff out, a duo processor, more storage, it is “screaming fast” and it is made of recycled aluminum and glass. I am a green kind of girl, live in Oregon, and well, I love my computers….a lot!!! It all makes such good sense. The best part might be that my husband (not me) is buying it. When the moon lines up with the stars and every sign is positive I say just go for it!

I do not plan on giving up my laptop. It will go in my bedroom. But when I write I will for sure be at my imac. My vision is not so good and never really was. This will help a lot. We have always wanted to have the option of using PC applications and this will allow that. It comes loaded with Vista AND my husband has a new SKYCADDY to use on the golf course. He needs the PC application to get that done. (I am seeing that this new computer works for him too.)

I had always thought that as my life progressed my world would get smaller and smaller as I gave up this and then that. But I am telling you right now, I may live to be a thousand so I am not letting the world get small. Not yet. I think purchases like this might even let it get bigger.

A new computer!!! WOW


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