Labor Day Celebrations

Labor Day is a holiday and so many people must work so that those of us that don’t work can have fun. We played golf, ate dinner out and now I am watching the weatherman on TV. The people that do these jobs all work on Labor Day.

There was a time when everything shut down and the streets were empty as people picnicked in the park with families. Some companies would have their picnics on this day. Factories would actually shut down and only a skeleton crew worked on that day. It was the last day the swimming pools were open and school could only open after the holiday.

We could not wear white after Labor Day. It was an unwritten rule and guided the attire of women across the United States. Football started the next weekend and our fall sweaters found their way out of moth balls in our trunks.

Fall officially arrived even though science told us otherwise. We lost interest in our gardens and flowers in the pots still bloomed but we wished we were relieved of the burden of watering them and actually looked forward to frost. The whole rhythm of life rotated around the holiday.

So, as in years gone by, I am glad fall is here. I love the change in seasons. I love the new bounce in our step as we move though our life. The leaves change, the air get crisp and smells clean. We will visit an orchard or the pumpkin patch before long. And Labor Day is the new beginning we are longing for.



One thought on “Labor Day Celebrations

  1. Thanks for that beautiful reminder that will help me welcome autumn instead of mourning the passing of an all-too-short summer. I can feel the spring in your step right there in your words! N

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