Self Fullfilling Prophecy in Todays Politics…The end is not near!!!

If we cannot now end our differences,
at least we can help make the world safe for diversity.

John F. Kennedy

When my Aunt Ardella died, my Uncle Henry said he was going to die. He decided he would die soon to show how much he loved her and missed her. He was a very difficult man to live with I was told, perhaps a little spoiled, but I always loved him. Fifteen or more years later he did finally pass away.

What is your point, you are asking. Well, I am told, that there is a large group of people, including many that are in power, that believe that the END is near. They see biblical implication for everything that happens and read signs of Armageddon into our daily lives. They may even be feeding the flame so they can see their prophesy come true. I personally think that, like in the case of my uncle’s death, the end is not near at all. Not anymore than it was 1000s of years ago. History has shown that what is happening now happened before and will probably happen again. It has happened in France during the 16 century, it happened in Germany and resulted in WWII, even here in the United States. We have groups of people that, in the name of religion, would do away with people of color or homosexual men and woman. Religious fanatics both Christian and Muslim have always and will continue to exist. But let me say it again, the end is not near.

I do think, however, our leaders in politics/religion can make our lives very miserable while they are waiting for the end. They can wage war against the religion that they see as our enemy. They can manage with their rhetoric and published remarks to alienate people from all over the world. They take away freedoms to “protect us” from things we cannot see and don’t understand. They can breed fear, mistrust and hate in our population. In other words, they can make us all wish that the end was near. But it is not!!!

So, don’t do like the man that was dying of cancer and
give away or sell everything.
You might just live and then what will you do?

When JFK made the statement “If we cannot end our differences, we can help make the world safe for diversity” he could have been speaking to power brokers of today. He would be telling us to go about finding a common ground, and there always is a common ground, that would allow people that live in other countries to lead their lives without our interference. Then we could go about defending ourselves against religious wars and quit inflaming it with unnecessary talk. We could be the bigger, wiser person and be the first to promote peace. We could be strong beyond belief and talk tough about peace. Just think of it. “LET ME TELL YOU NOW, WE WILL BE WAGING ALL OUT PEACE AND DO NOT DOUBT ME. BE VERY AFRAID BECAUSE PEACE WILL BE COMING AND YOU CAN NOT STOP IT” Just imagine!

While there is a lot of injustice in this world, particularly when it comes to the rights of women, both in the United States and around the world, we all know that nature will take it’s course in all things. Women, just as they always have, will find a way to defend themselves and get strong in small increments. But we women will not be fine in my time or yours. We know it takes a long, long time! Let me say this though, if women had their way we would never go to war…never.

So maybe Muslim, man, woman, Buddhist, Mormon, Catholic, Pentecosts and the community of man can somehow live together. “If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity. John F. Kennedy.

Incidentally, President John F. Kennedy would have been 90 years old this year. But in the mind of the generation he inspired he remains young, charismatic and prophetic.

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