Traveling with Norah

Puzzled look on Barbara’s face??!!???

My days are sometimes a little amazing. It is not a plan that I have. I will have coffee, go to my computer, write a little, watch some TV, plan where we will go out to eat. But then some days are unlike any of the others. So yesterday when my friend from eastern Oregon called from Montgomery, Alabama I knew it would be one of those “unlike” days.

Hi, its me she said.

I paused as I shuffled through my list of friends and tried to decide whose giggling voice it was I heard on the phone.

“Norah????”, I said figuring out who I was talking to after a pause, a ponder and a wonder, “Why are you calling me from Alabama?????”

“I can’t remember my address,” she said. “Do you know what it is?”

Had she had a stroke, was she lost in a cab, did she loss her mind over Utah? (puzzled look on my face.)

“Norah?” I said, “Yes, I have your address (all of them; email, home, blogger).” I was now wondering which address we were talking about but listening very carefully.

“I have just lived the Lucy Show. I was trying to write about it in my journal. It just came to me that I should just go on the hotel computer,”
she explained.

Ah ha! I thought, we are talking about her blogger address.
I said as she goes “mmmmmmmmmmmm” and jots it down.

A bit of small talk and we were done!

Now really, you have just got to read this post by my friend. It is hilarious and just a little nuts!!! Traveling with Norah always is. But then that is another blog.


Norah is a new blogger, so smart and really has something to say. Add her blog, NORAHS NEWS, to your favorites and go along on the ride. You will not regret it!


One thought on “Traveling with Norah

  1. After catching up on my lack of sleep, I opened my email and your blogspot. Only now do I realize how weird it must have been to have received a call from me asking you for my address! I mean, you just stepped in there and wolked beside me immediately. I didn’t have a clue that you thought I might have had a stroke. If the situation had been reversed, I wonder if I could have been so “tuned in.” Thanks for rescuing me…AGAIN. May Giggling Asadores en los servicios hombres always prevail! N

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